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Friday, July 12, 2019

My voice may be leaving, but The Medium’s never will

“So, Mahmoud, when you read this in the future, do a few things: 1. Don’t cringe at your writing skills or at the whole...

Be honest about the bias

Open Letter to the UTM Community:During this past week, university groups across the country mobilized against what they consider...

Keep competitive journalism alive, without the ego

As journalists, we have the responsibility to hold ourselves accountable. It is part of our mandate and our mission to ensure that we get...

Ford on gun violence: shoots himself in the foot

In August of 2018, Doug Ford spoke on gun violence in Toronto. He used rhetorical techniques to hide the fact that the speech...

An open invitation to our AGM

For those who aren’t aware, we are hosting our Annual General Meeting on February 28th. I urge students who are active readers of our...

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