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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

U of T: number one at making you a number

It’s been almost a year since graduating, and there were months of all sorts of anxiety and stress, but also content. Though my feeling...

Take a breath and ask what you want

You don’t want to ask what you’re curious about? What are you so afraid of? Excuse me as I take a second to be...

Why I didn’t think university was for me

I remember the day I received my university acceptance letters through email. For most people, reading through those encouraging words should’ve induced feelings of...

Inclusivity and diversity in Get Out

In lieu of the Oscars being this past weekend, and finally bringing the awards season to a close, there were reports circulating online about...

Distinguishing between news and opinion

It has been brought to my attention through an opinion piece, that some of my peers, including former employee of The Medium, Russell Wu,...

Advice for The Medium—an antidote to irrelevancy

I know few who associate Mondays with a fresh edition of the school paper. Even less who anticipate with dread or want, or any...

The era of “crazy women”

On February 3, The New York Times published an op-ed tell-all of the abuse Uma Thurman had to endure from Harvey Weinstein and Quentin...

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