Name: Paula Cho

Position at The Medium: Arts and Entertainment Editor

Year: Second year

Program of Study: Double major in Political Science and Communication, Culture, Information and Technology

How did you get involved with The Medium?

PC: I knew going into university that I wanted to write for the student newspaper, so I signed myself up the first week of school.

Why the A&E section, and not any other section?

PC: I have a background in the arts and I thought that the section would allow me to write a variety of types of article from actor interviews to theatre reviews.

What is your background in art?

PC: I started dancing ballet when I was five and continued dancing throughout high school on the dance team. I also play the piano.

What’s one of your favourite articles that you’ve written so far?

PC: My favourite article I’ve written has to be my interview with Akash Sherman. He’s only 23 and directed a major feature film and getting to chat with him was inspiring.

What’s something you miss the most about your home in California?

PC: My family, the sun, and being near the ocean.

Who was your favourite subject in highschool? Why?

PC: I took a class in psychology and found it very interesting and different from the conventional classes offered.

What is your favorite TV show?

PC: Friends is always on in my apartment but right now, I’m watching The Blacklist and would highly recommend.

If you could shop for free at one store, what would it be?

PC: I would say Free People—I love their high-quality clothes but they’re all so expensive.

What was your dream job growing up?

PC: I wanted to be an interior designer growing up because I enjoyed decorating.

Do you still want to be an interior designer?

PC: No, I’d like to pursue political journalism and work at either a newspaper or broadcast station—but I’m keeping my options open!

Do you have a sweet tooth or a savory tooth?

PC: Definitely sweet. I love all flavours of ice cream.

What is your star sign?

PC: My sun is in Leo, my moon sign is Scorpio, and I’m a Virgo rising.

What is a skill you would like to master?

PC: Definitely writing!

What is your favourite quote?

PC: “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” -Buddha