Vinney Wong

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Kaitlyn Riordan on Portia’s Julius Caesar

Last Friday, Hart House Theatre marked its 100th anniversary by presenting one of Shakespeare’s most memorable dramas with a reimagined twist. Portia’s Julius...

Shame on UTM for being inaccessible

Throughout my five years at UTM, I’ve had my fair share of gripes with accessibility services being inaccessible. From broken elevators in CCT and...

Leads of The Glove Thief talk shop

Last Thursday, Beth Flintoff’s The Glove Thief opened at UTM’s Erindale Theatre. Directed by Meredith Scott, the show takes audiences back to 1589...

The line between comedy and outrage

For decades, comedy has been a vehicle for bonding communities through laughter. But when that laughter comes at others’ expense, it becomes a problem.