Friday, October 16, 2020

Trevor Abes

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The perfect woman

In the interest of complexity, allow me to offer my account of why a perfect woman would be utterly undesirable. Messes are bliss, for we...

On the worst days

Angela spends her Sundays swaying to the spokes keeping time in place. Surreptitious, she gazes upon the ride, the one we call our own, with grace, Angelou grace; The...

"Title Pending"

And there they were, landed from who-knows-what distant planet or star, in blue, orange, and yellow. A contagion they carried, transferred like a bad mutation through a deceptively benevolent...

Speaking out against oppression

Dear Editor, The Speak Out against Oppression poetry event, held last Friday, was organized in conjunction with UTMSU. They recently rejected the poems I sent...


Hate is embraced by wood grain grippers And syrup sippers alike; Not by me though. I do not depend on prejudice To determine who I am, Rather, I transcend,...

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