Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Saima Khan

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UTM Debating Club launches department-wide Debate League

The UTM Debating Club is introducing a new debating game that intends to bring UTM students together. Previously, the Debating Club hosted mock MUN competitions and...

Lost at sea: the search for HMS Erebus

Over 150 years ago, Sir John Franklin set out to search for the Northwest Passageway. He led a team of 149 crewmen to facilitate...

Consider Ken

Every time we hear about body image, we instantly think of models or bulimics. It’s woven into our minds that body image is only...

Making health a priority

The UTM Athletic Council’s Health Month wrapped up after three weeks of initiatives to get students thinking about how to remain healthy. The month’s activities...

Rock with Raghav

The Pakistani Student Association recently accepted the Most Improved Club Award for the 2013/14 year, and last Friday they held their first event at...

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