Friday, November 20, 2020

Ruqayyah Ahdab

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Freedom to hate?

Her and two other girls were wearing a hijab, and all of a sudden another girl made a very stunning comment. She said, “All Muslims are terrorists and they only thing they know how to do is kill people.”

I watched UTM/TV’s piece…

Dear Editor, I watched UTM/TV’s piece on Islam & Dating, and as a Muslim I’m sad to say I was disappointed by its lack of...

Its about us Muslim women. Again

Todays plunging necklines and stacked bangles are flashbacks to pre-Islamic Arabia where women walked around heavily ornamented and bare-breasted. Pre-marital sex, multiplicity of partners...

Our freedom of expression

"The following piece contains explicit material. Viewer discretion is advised." Unfortunately, I was afforded no such warning when I strolled into the CCIT building...

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