Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Kevin Kim

Kevin Kim
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Discussing PI, teaching, and awards with Zingaro

In commendation of the stellar teaching that is exhibited by new professors at U of T, an honor dubbed the Early Teaching Career Award...

Discussing radicalization among young men

Last Tuesday, the political science department at UTM in collaboration with the Office of the Dean presented their Annual Public Affairs Lecture hosted by...

Self-reflection in You Look the Other Way

The Blackwood Gallery has unveiled the first of two graduate exhibitions of the UTM and Sheridan Art and Art History 2019 class. You Look the...

Springing our clocks forward one hour

With the clocks springing forward last Sunday March 10th for Daylight Savings Time, some may wonder what practical use the now long-standing tradition holds....

Insight into Features:

Kevin Kim, Associate Features Editor As a fresh, bright-eyed student at UTM much like so many others, my first year...

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