Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Jerome Johnson

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Library renovates for expanded study space

Level 1 will undergo changes to accommodate more students.

Career Centre provides employment opportunities

The turnout was more than double last year’s, and the Career Centre is looking to attract even a larger turnout for next year’s event, said Claire Westgate, the manager of partner relations for experiential opportunities.

Students recommend program changes

Students and faculty members from various academic departments gathered together throughout last week for a series of “town hall”-style meetings designed to address ways to improve the learning experiences offered at UTM.

Arguing over the Arctic

The UTM Debating Club hosted the Great Professors’ Debate on Tuesday evening to discuss the role of Canada in the dispute over Canada’s Arctic...

UNICEF wraps it up

In celebration of National UNICEF Day, [email protected] organized a Halloween-themed fundraising event on Monday afternoon outside the Student Centre with their special guest, UTM principal Deep Saini, dressed as a life-size donation box.

Mississauga Summit talks postsecondary education

The third annual Mississauga Summit took place at the Instructional Centre last Tuesday.

A week of eXpression on campus

The UTM Students’ Union held this semester’s eXpression Against Oppression Week last Monday.

New board elected in UTMSU

Fall Board of Director elections are for first-year student representatives, as well as to fill any vacancies that have opened up over the summer.

Language department brings its communities together

The Department of Language Studies held the Annual Awards Reception and Music Gala on Friday, September 30 in the CCIT building.

UCS camps out for kids

The UTM Undergraduate Commerce Society set up a tent outside the Student Centre last week to spread awareness and collect donations on behalf of impoverished children in the developing world.

Vote Compass attracts professor

Peter Loewen, an assistant professor of political science at UTM, has been working as the director of analytics on the provincial elections for Vote...

Angelfish: it’s all about numbers

From parrots that can imitate human speech to typewriting chimpanzees, the complex ins and outs of animal intelligence are only just beginning to be...

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