Thursday, September 24, 2020

Jennifer Ewen

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Halloween through the (Dark) Ages

The word “Halloween” comes from the Catholic Church. It’s a contraction of “All Hallows Even”, that is, the night before All Saints’ Day, a day for the observance of saints, held on November 1.

10 secrets to success

Don’t flunk out. This is a little obvious, but really, humankind has accomplished many much more difficult things than getting a bachelor’s degree.

Can’t just have one

Addictions are all about lack of control. A person who is not an addict is in complete control of what they do (e.g., not buying a pair of shoes) while the addiction is in control of the addict.

Goodbye Lullaby – Avril Lavigne

Goodbye Lullaby—Avril Lavigne    ★ ★ ★ Avril Lavigne has been on the music scene since 2002 with the release of her first album, Let...

How to “enjoy” an all-nighter without caffeine

It’s 4 a.m: you’re staring down at the textbook, and words are blurring together. Suddenly your head is down on your book, using the...

Glee returns to fans’ delight

Glee returned on Super Bowl Sunday to resume the second season of the hit TV-show musical. They did their own take on the football...

2011 in film

This year is going to be full of big movies, and the most anticipated ones include the continuations of series, such as Harry Potter...

Stop being a creeper (for guys)

We’ve all seen him. That guy who sits in the corner, staring at a girl, practically drooling. It’s not a coincidence that he’s in...

The science of humour

What is about jokes that either makes us laugh or roll our eyes? Comedy comes in a variety of forms, from physical comedy to...

Facing the Dilemma

“How long does it take to know someone?” is the opening line of The Dilemma, which stars Vince Vaughn and Kevin James as two...

Chopin at the ROM

In honour of the 200 years since his birth in 1810, the Royal Ontario Museum dedicated an exhibit to the life of Fryderyk Chopin,...

Memorization tips for students

Everyone is different, including when it comes to learning and memorization. The world can be split into three learning styles: visual learners (65% of...

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