Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Harris Watkins

Harris Watkins
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Reflecting on Auschwitz and its meaning for the present

In the hearts and minds of many, this past Monday, January 27, was a day of somber reflection and mourning in recognition of...

Council cuts programs, adds courses

The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM)’s Academic Affairs Committee held their first meeting of 2020 last Monday in the William G. Davis building’s Council...

Antisemitism on campus: A worrying trend

Last week, I originally intended to write an opinion piece on the fight by Jewish students at St. George—under the banner of the Kosher...

Career Centre celebrates its 40th year

The UTM Career Centre celebrated its 40th anniversary last Wednesday with an open house event at its office. Offering both...

UTM’s identity crisis

UTM as a campus has distinguished itself from its St. George counterpart by identifying as a ‘green and tranquil’ campus. A quick Google search...

Campus Affairs covers capital projects & SCI results at UTM

In recent years, UTM has been known for its ambitious expansion projects and growing student body. The inaugural meeting of the UTM Campus Affairs...

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