Sunday, October 18, 2020

Hamzah Mohammed

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PSA: The Medium will not discuss Israel/Palestine

We at The Medium have decided to not discuss the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (even though we have published an op-ed related to it). We refuse...

Students fight back after receiving bad letters of recommendation

Professors have been given a taste of their own medicine as students have resorted to using the website to air out their own...

Profs issue really honest letters of recommendation to students

Reality checks have spread across campus as professors have taken to writing completely honest letters of recommendation for their students.

Students resort to eating babies

In a twist not even Jonathon Swift would have seen coming, it seems many out-of-work Master’s and Ph.D. students have taken to eating babies. 

App introduces women to serial killers

The internet is abuzz following the release of the new dating app, Slaughter Daughter™.  The app pairs hot suicidal teens with serial killers.

Food, flags, and music at Culture Fest

UTMSU’s second Multicultural Week, now rebranded as Culture Fest, was held last week with a barrage of national flags, traditional foods, and cultural music. Following...

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