Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hakima Hafizi

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A room with a view

Gazing out windows in Santorini or Jerusalem: our writers describe their rooms in international cities.   KABUL, AFGHANISTAN HAKIMA HAFIZI   The white wood frames of the half-open window...

Nightmares and “overnight therapy”

Stress doesn’t need an introduction. We all experience it and will continue to experience it in the coming weeks. Stress is basically our body’s innate...

The cost of a university education

It’s over. The humid nights at boisterous parties, the spontaneous excursions to overcrowded beaches and parks, the long drives that ended with large family...

Kwanzaa and you

Just last month, the world’s population reached an astounding 7,000,000,000. It’s mind-blowing to think that, despite the long chain of zeroes in that number, each and every individual is unique with their own distinct personality and characteristics.

What you didn’t know about ADHD

We all have that one crazy friend—the one that never stops talking about the hot girls or guys in their classes, checks their Facebook every two minutes during lectures, and always has something to rant about, no matter how irrelevant.

Who do we have to thank?

The history of Canadian Thanksgiving goes back several centuries. In fact, historical records indicate that various First Nations tribes celebrated a ceremony of thanksgiving many years before the European settlers arrived.

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