Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Farah Khan

Farah Khan
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Getting to read our own thoughts

Students pay tens of thousands of dollars for an education, and tthere’s almost nothing worse than paying for a course and coming out of...

Food for freethought

A club quite unlike any other, the Mississauga Freethought Association is dedicated to promoting attitudes of science, secularism, and free inquiry at UTM, and...

Deserting professors during their office hours

In a world of texting, instant messaging, and endless social media updates, it doesn’t come as a surprise that face-to-face communication is dwindling. It’s...

Students let themselves get arrested for charity

Interested in forensics? Hoping to ease your test experience by drawing on a test bank? Want to raise money for charity? Or even pick...

LinkedIn pages fall short

If there’s one thing most university students can agree on, it’s how difficult it is to find a job. Cue the millions of students...

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