Darren Savage

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Staff Writer, 2011/12

Election policies amended at UTSC

“Slating” gives candidates the choice to run either individually or as a group

Online piracy acts

New legislative attempts at online governance will undoubtedly change the way you relate to the Web

Local talent on the rise

The Medium speaks with Omar Saab of the up-and-coming Toronto-based band Alright Alright.

Library extends hours for exams

The UTM library will be open 24 hours a day five days a week after March 25.

It couldn’t please me more

Hart House Theatre was full of life this past Friday for the opening of its rendition of Cabaret.

Theatre for the 21st century

Keenan Viau sat down with us to discuss the challenges involved in getting ready for his Hart House debut and to meditate on art, theatre, and the function of the actor.

Macbeth goes to a lot of toil and trouble

Modern adaptations have a way of removing us from the original work. They ask more of the audience, requiring a clearer understanding of the first piece in order to see the departures in the ones that follow. Most of the time, we just want to be entertained, not challenged.

Not crazy and not alone

If only they had known the truth about mental illness: It’s not weird. It’s not a weakness. It’s not something to hide.

En avant: Onwards, Tennessee

Hart House’s original production, The Gentleman Caller, examines the life and times of playwright Tennessee Williams

Upped security at the Instructional Centre

With 18 cameras in total, security guards, and computerized locks on all classroom doors, the newest structure on campus evokes the spirit of the most unnervingly attentive watcher of all: Big Brother.

Nuit Blanche: Darren Savage talks to the people

It’s 4:57 a.m. Nothing went according to plan. Everything is over. People have gone home. Mere hours ago the streets of Toronto were teeming with people eager to take in a night of art in the city during Nuit Blanche.

Trailer park boys and girls

Complete with pink flamingos, Cheetos, beer, and a whole lot of conversatin’, the cast members use their incredible vocal abilities to humorously explore the unusual happenings in this Florida trailer park.