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Women’s volleyball team gets its first win

The players rebounded in their second outing with a decisive victory over the St. George Gold.

Jays 2011 season recap

For Jays fans, this is yet another year where we are on the outside looking in during the playoffs.

You should watch baseball

The MLB playoffs have arrived, and here are two reasons that a skeptical sports fan should give baseball a try this fall.

Does the team need a water boy?

I jumped at the opportunity to try out for the tri-campus volleyball team. I wanted to get a feel for the athletic experience at UTM. That, and I wanted people to once again see me as Funny Chris after I wrote this classic article documenting the hilarious event.

Varsity Blues win big

The Varsity Blues played their first nationally televised game since 2006 on Saturday, and U of T fans across the country were treated to a 21-12 win over the Guelph Gryphons.

Football returns and fans across Canada rejoice

This past Thursday night, football fans across Canada huddled around bars and living rooms to watch the birth of the 2011 NFL season. What...

The Phillies: MLB’s ‘Dream Team’

The Phillies were widely regarded as the most talented team in baseball and the clear-cut favorite to win the World Series. With the fall only a few weeks away, it’s clear that the Phillies are still the team to beat.

Province funds UTM renovations

The provincial government announced that the North and William G. Davis buildings on campus are the beneficiaries of a $52.5-million investment.

Miami Heat may have something to cry about

The public backlash for the Miami Heat players allegedly crying in the locker room following a loss has been substantial. Most of the criticism...

The real challengers for the NBA title

A quick look at the NBA standings today reveals a clear discrepancy between the top four teams in each conference and the bottom four...

NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement talks underway

As the National Football League owners sit down with the NFL Players Association in the coming weeks, there will be three highly contested issues...

MLB off-season brings few changes

A quick look at how things have changed in Major League Baseball this winter reveals very little: Derek Jeter is still a Yankee, the...