Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Andrea Ambrogi

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Reimagining the western

Thank you, Quentin Tarantino, for giving us a movie with an outstanding cast, a solid plot, gorgeous cinematography, and a great soundtrack to boot....

Does Cloud Atlas compute?

In this day and age, it’s hard for the majority of moviegoers to sit through a 120-minute film, so the fact that 99% of...

JFL ends on a high

We’ve reached a point in show business where the name “Louis C.K.” is synonymous with comedy, and for good reason. Louis C.K. is easily...

The Killers’ triumphant return

Last Saturday evening Most Thieves, a new ensemble from Las Vegas, opened for the Killers at the Sound Academy. Opening up for such a hard-hitting...

Interview: Most Thieves

Most Thieves took to the stage at the Sound Academy on Saturday night to open for fellow Las Vegas natives and friends, the Killers....

Breakfast—Chiddy Bang

If Kanye West and The Weeknd had a baby, we’re pretty sure it would be Chiddy Bang.

Awards with Andrea: Golden Globes Edition

Here are The Medium’s predictions for who will win, who should win, and who got snubbed in the process.

J. Edgar: the man, the mystery, the movie

I had read several negative reviews that put a serious damper on my hopes for J. Edgar, but after sitting in my theatre seat for 137 minutes completely captivated, I couldn’t help but wonder if the critics watched the same movie I did.

Ceremonials—Florence + The Machine

There was a lot of hype surrounding her second album for quite some time, and hype, as we know, can be a very dangerous thing.

Mylo Xyloto—Coldplay

One of the few consistently good bands left in pop music, Coldplay has a bit of a cross to bear in terms of keeping up with their reputation of, well, being consistently good.

Louis CK kills it at the Sony Centre

Louis CK is still, and will probably continue to be, the funniest man out there right now.

HBO primetime signs off

Last Sunday night two of the three heavy-hitting HBO original series came to their dreaded season finales, while Entourage was benched for good after eight seasons.

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