Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Anagha Nataraj

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Students want lectures, not laptops

An article published last year by University Affairs summarized a study on students’ preferences for spoken lectures over those presented to them through other...

Belt out those bad Broadway ballads

Most of us enjoy singing, even if we can’t all sing well. Whether we’re belting out musical numbers at fancy black tie events or...

No easy solution to math problems

Ah yes, math, a favourite of many. When I was in grade 10, I failed my first (and last) exam. I got 7/100 in...

Process of elimination

Everyone has probably experienced that familiar feeling of anxiety before a test or exam. I, for one, love to rattle on in short-answer questions....

Misery loves company

Over the last decade, social media is a pretty big deal to young people, who are influenced more than other demographics by the current...

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