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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Songstress for the masses

Janis Joplin. Joan Jett. Bonnie Raitt.After watching Ottawa-born singer/songwriter Becky Abbott, you cant help but draw comparisons to these iconic female vocalists. Naming her...

Canadian Music Week in Review

In case you have yet to see this week's Medium - our centre spread (page 8&9) was devoted to Canadian Music Week. To keep with the graphic feel of the CMW spread, instead of reading the articles on the website, we have uploaded the spread as a .pdf for you to view.If that is not enough for you, you can follow our CMW blog from which includes the full audio from the Simmons Lefsetz Cage match as well as photos from the Indie Music awards along with video of USS' infamous set.

U of T Film Festival showcase

If you blinked, you just might have missed this year's U of T Film Festival. Rather than the traditional grandeur and prestige of Hart...

Student-made shorts and a session on film editing

University of Torontos Film Festival 2009 turned out to be a successful and educational experience for not only potential film students but those merely...

Sainthood is easy

Holy Father,Canonize em already! Photo/wikipedia.org No, not those four irrelevant baldies from your homeland. They get enough appreciation at the local scenester hang, not to mention...

Watchmen lives up

Last summer, the fanboy fest known as Comic-Con was buzzing with anticipation for the film adaptation of one of the most popular comic books...

Grads present: Didactic

The Art and Art History Graduate Exhibition Didactic held its opening reception at the Blackwood Gallery on Wednesday, March 4 from 5:30 p.m. —...

Didactic part 1

UTM and Sheridan College's graduating art students showcase their work at the Blackwood Gallery

Devil may care

FEEL MY MOUSTACHE, my friend Aaron yells at me as he points to the piece of brown felt Scotch-taped to his upper lip. No...

The Thieves get thicker

Anachronisms in music are often treated as strokes of genius, but its a slippery slope. When Beirut came out with Gulag Orkestar in '06,...


As the dark haired beautys mysterious eyes stare out at you from Memoiras self-titled debut album cover, the thought that she might be a...

The Way I Are

Confusion and attraction are, for some, factors leading to a tawdry one-night stand, but for Katie Bethune-Leamen they form the basis of her latest...

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