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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Classified in confidence

From his modest beginnings in Enfield, Nova Scotia to his current standing in major-label hip-hop, Classified (nee Luke Boyd) has shaped a path that...

Best of 2008

CFRE Radio and The Medium join forces to pick the best albums of the year. Synth-pop and Bar-Rock place. Who will take top honours?

Whats the Dil-eo: Worst in 2008

2008 was an especially harsh year. Regretfully, not only will our epoch be remembered for the failing economy, skyrocketing gas prices, and the progression...

Revolutionary Road drives close to home

Love and marriage. According to the Frank Sinatra tune, they go together like a horse and carriage. After watching Revolutionary Road, I would strongly...

2008, (Thankfully) Forgotten Already

2008 was an especially harsh year.Regretfully, not only will our epoch be remembered for the failing economy, skyrocketing gas prices, and the progression of "Joe...

What's the Di-Leo: New Music and Katy Perry

Welcome back to another fun-filled semester at UTM. And what better way to welcome us back than with a brand new segment of Whats...

Whats the Di-Leo: Wiggers

As I peer through my office window into the Student Centre below, I notice that though its a Sunday evening, there are still people...

What's the Di-Leo: Bizzaro World

Picture this. Its 1991 and the world is reversed. Instead of endorsing Jell-O, Bill Cosby is pawning K&Y jelly to the youth of Philadelphia....

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