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Digimon, love, and a new indie album

Unfamiliar with folk music, I didn’t know what to expect from independent folk singer Yanis Khamsi’s new album, Queen Kari. Khamsi mixes traditional sounds and...

Andrew Bird—Break It Yourself

It’s hard to criticize Bird’s style, because he does it so well.

Breakfast—Chiddy Bang

If Kanye West and The Weeknd had a baby, we’re pretty sure it would be Chiddy Bang.

Music really can heal the soul

U of T is planning to create a new centre dedicated to the medicinal effects of music


Adele and Bon Iver make the biggest waves, but what about Kanye?

Local talent on the rise

The Medium speaks with Omar Saab of the up-and-coming Toronto-based band Alright Alright.

Future This —The Big Pink

Big Pink’s sophomore effort doesn’t seem to aim any higher than mediocrity.

Artist spotlight: The Folk

The Medium sat down with the five-piece indie rock outfit for a quick chat before a recent show at The Garrison in Toronto.

Given to the Wild —The Maccabees

If asked to describe this album in one word, the most appropriate term would be “crescendo”.

Are ya listening?

We’re not walking in a winter wonderland just yet, but Christmas music has begun to play on the radio, at coffee shops, and in shopping malls. From “Jingle Bells” to “Deck the Halls”, the carols and seasonal songs remind us that Christmas is coming in less than a month.

Fall music playlist

Lately there have been so many great new albums that we’ve been downloading them into our iTunes faster than squirrels hoarding nuts for the winter. But can you blame us? It’s getting chilly out there, and we can’t think of a better way to keep warm than to cozy up with a new list of hits, fresh off your stereo speakers.

Ceremonials—Florence + The Machine

There was a lot of hype surrounding her second album for quite some time, and hype, as we know, can be a very dangerous thing.

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