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Mixed slate to enter UTMAC office

A combination of candidates from Yes We Can and All Students Actively Participating won this year’s UTM Athletic Council election

UTMAC elections engage students

Three slates run for UTMAC

A year in review

Highlighting the 2011/12 intramural season in UTM sports

Balancing academics and athletics

One of the biggest challenges is finding the perfect balance between fitness and good grades.

Does the team need a water boy?

I jumped at the opportunity to try out for the tri-campus volleyball team. I wanted to get a feel for the athletic experience at UTM. That, and I wanted people to once again see me as Funny Chris after I wrote this classic article documenting the hilarious event.

Campus Athletics Update

On Sunday, September 25, the UTM campus hosted three tri-campus intramural games. At 1 p.m., an intramural soccer game was played against the St. George team on the North Field.

A crash course on athletics at UTM

Built five years ago, the RAWC offers golf cages, squash courts, aerobics rooms, multiple gymnasiums, a running track, tennis courts, and a pool—and virtually everything else you’d want to see in a gym.

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