Update (October 24, 2016 at 10:25 p.m.):

The Medium has learned that the investigation concluded peacefully, without serious repercussions for Ramsha.

“This matter was settled with no definitive trial and recommendations made were training,” said Abdulla Omari, speaking as the chair for the 2014-15 Executive Review Committee. “That’s something we would recommend for all executives in those circumstances.

“This was a matter of these were the complaints, we addressed the complaints […] If there were errors—and we contested that there were errors on several occasions—they were errors of accident. We prescribe training to stop errors of accident.

“There were no more complaints [raised] for the duration of her tenure,” Omari added.

Information has surfaced revealing that UTMSU launched an investigation after “multiple complaints” were made against UTMSU VP equity Zehra Ramsha.

According to UTMSU division three director Abdulla Omari, the chair of the UTMSU executive review committee, an investigation was launched following complaints from UTMSU staff and general members.

“There were multiple complaints,” said Omari in reference to Ramsha. “When you worked it all down, it was just really one; it was one umbrella complaint.”

In an interview with The Medium, Omari declined to disclose information pertaining to the nature of the complaints.

The executive review committee is responsible for overseeing “the performance of the executives” in addition to “investigat[ing] charges of misconduct or derelict of duty of an executive committee member and recommend[ing] disciplinary action to the board”.

It was also revealed to The Medium that Ramsha took a leave of absence from her position as VP equity.

“I was given the opportunity to take a leave of absence to focus on some training that could help me better perform my responsibilities,” said Ramsha in an email, who also mentioned personal reasons behind her leave of absence. “Due to reasons related to my personal health and mental wellbeing, it was suggested to me to take time off.”

According to Ramsha, her responsibilities “were passed on to the president and VP internal” during her leave and she has received the recommendations from the executive review committee’s investigation. It is unknown what recommendations the committee made.

It is currently unknown when Ramsha’s leave of absence took place, although Omari informed The Medium that to his knowledge, the leave of absence spanned one month.

This article appeared in print under the headline “Investigation launched against UTMSU exec”. This headline and the first paragraph were updated online on July 4, 2016, and the photo was updated on October 15, 2016.